Bowl Haircut Popular Asian boys

The "bowl haircut" is a popular hairstyle among Asian boys because it's considered to be the customary rite of passage. But something doesn't seem quite right... The bowl cut gets its name from how much hair looks like it was just cut around this imaginary bowl you could place on their head and all would

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Afro Taper : Biggest Ways to Black Man

The afro taper fade haircut is one of the most well-known ways to wear Black and very curly hair. Literally. The Guinness Book World Record for the largest afro, at 4’10", has been challenged but not beaten yet! Of course, an afro doesn't have be big in order to look beautiful; there are plenty who

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Jensen Ackles Haircut for a Simple but Elegant

For those who want to have a chic and short hairstyle, the variations of Jensen Ackles haircut can be a great reference and idea to be applied. Well, the textured short haircut becomes the basic concept of Jensen Ackles to style his hair. We are sure that this hairstyle is quite easy to be styled.

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Tom Holland Haircut with Classical Look

It could be said that Tom Holland is one of the greatest young film actors. His roles are very interesting and of course, all of it amazes their fans. Besides his best acting, Tom Holland comes with some different hairstyles that are interesting too to be duplicated. Tom Holland haircut can be the inspiration, especially

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Timeless Caesar Cut Ideas for All Hair Types

Applying a certain hairstyle becomes an important matter for a man who wants to renew his appearance. By applying an appropriate hairstyle, of course, the man could renew their look, especially to increase their confidence. Many hairstyles are available as an option. However, the Caesar Cut can be one of the most inspiring hairstyles to

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Side Swept Undercut

A side swept undercut is one of the trendiest hairstyles today. This hairstyle is appropriate for anyone, including men. If you like short hairstyles, this will be perfect for you. This hairstyle comes in various ideas. Therefore, you have to plan it carefully. In this article, we will discuss it further. We will share some

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