The Weeknd Hairstyle to Renew Men’s Appearance

The Weeknd or Abel Tesfaye is one of the greatest R&B artists of his generation. He was popular for his special song and action. Besides, his fans also liked him because of the unique hairstyle that he applied. Well, here, we will talk about some variations of The Weeknd hairstyle that maybe can be your

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Justin Beiber Hairstyle for Another Inspiration

Justin Beiber is one of the most popular pop stars. He became the trendsetter and many teenagers want to duplicate him. Well, there are some interesting matters that we may found from the figure of Justin Beiber, including his hairstyle. In the different moment, Justin Beiber applies the different hairstyle as a sign that he

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Best of Bro Flow to Renew Men’s Appearance

The brow flow is another name of the flow hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as the wings or hockey haircut. As its name, this hairstyle can be seen as a popular idea of styling hair, especially for surfers, skateboarders, baseball players, and others. Substantively, this hairstyle is a kind of hairstyle that needs rather-high-maintenance.

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Best Variations of Mushroom Haircut for Men

Substantively, the mushroom haircut for men became one of the most popular hairstyle options in 2016. However, after five years, this hairstyle still becomes a nice concept to be applied, especially for men who have short hair and want to have a neat arrangement for their hair. Do you ever know about this hairstyle before?

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Side Swept Undercut

A side swept undercut is one of the trendiest hairstyles today. This hairstyle is appropriate for anyone, including men. If you like short hairstyles, this will be perfect for you. This hairstyle comes in various ideas. Therefore, you have to plan it carefully. In this article, we will discuss it further. We will share some

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