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Bowl Haircut Popular Asian boys

The "bowl haircut" is a popular hairstyle among Asian boys because it's considered to be the customary rite of passage. But something doesn't seem quite right... The bowl cut gets its name from how much hair looks like it was just cut around this imaginary bowl you could place on their head and all would

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Charlie Hunnam Haircut: Inspiration for Modern Style

Charlie Hunnam was known because of his role as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. Then, he is also phenomenal by his role in Green Street and King Arthur. He doesn’t only become the favorite actor but a trendsetter for fashion. Yes, the Charlie Hunnam haircut becomes the reference for those who want to renew

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Bradley Cooper Haircut For Both Manly and Masculine Look

For men who want to renew their appearance, applying a Bradley Cooper haircut can be a great idea to be done. Well, the haircut models of Bradley Cooper are an excellent option, especially with the high masculine look. We are sure that by applying the hairstyle of Bradley Cooper, your appearance will be greater and

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Drake Haircut : A Popular Idea for Men with High Masculinity

The model Drake haircut continues to be one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Well, the hairstyle’s of Drake is very excellent, since it is simple and low-maintenance. The main appearance of the buzz cut that is added with the low or high fade on the sides. For those who want to get more

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The Weeknd Hairstyle to Renew Men’s Appearance

The Weeknd or Abel Tesfaye is one of the greatest R&B artists of his generation. He was popular for his special song and action. Besides, his fans also liked him because of the unique hairstyle that he applied. Well, here, we will talk about some variations of The Weeknd hairstyle that maybe can be your

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Best Men’s Ivy League Haircut for Maximal Appearance

Styling the hair with the best concept becomes what the man needs to do when they want to renew their appearance. Well, hair for the man is an important matter to build a great appearance, as they want. Many ideas of hairstyles can be applied but Ivy League haircut cannot be denied as one of

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