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Jarhead Haircut : The Best Military Style and Confidence with Lifestyle

The Jarhead haircut takes its name from the bricklayers who traditionally wore it, as well as a high and tight look. This type of look is a conventional haircut with military personnel in many nations, consisting of shorter hair on the top. Alternative to the Mohawk, it is less eye-catching and more customary than other

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Carmelo Anthony Hairstyle Iconic Model

American basketball player Carmelo Anthony had a difficult childhood while growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. His father died when he was two years old and his mother worked as a housekeeper to support him and his three siblings. Anthony grew up in a neighbourhood in the Bronx which was notorious for drugs and street crime.

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Purple Hair Men : You Might Like Purple Hair

A lot of guys are dyeing their hair these days, and the color is no longer just black or brown. In fact, there's a whole spectrum that we've seen in recent years--from silver to gold! But it seems like purple may be one of our most popular favorites this year- not only among men but

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Jon Snow Hair Inspire High Impact Character

Who is Jon Snow Kit Harington's jon snow haircut can be a complicated style to achieve, but it is worth the effort for those with medium-length or long hair. The Kit Harrington hairstyle was first seen on his character Jon Snow hair in Game of Thrones and has been going strong ever since! With some

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Daniel Craig Haircut for Simple but Elegant Look

It can be said that Daniel Craig becomes a popular actor since he acted the character of James Bond. However, it is not only the acting that is noticed by him. People also notice the Daniel Craig haircut as one of the interesting references to renew their hairstyle. As we know, for men, styling hair

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Jensen Ackles Haircut for a Simple but Elegant

For those who want to have a chic and short hairstyle, the variations of Jensen Ackles haircut can be a great reference and idea to be applied. Well, the textured short haircut becomes the basic concept of Jensen Ackles to style his hair. We are sure that this hairstyle is quite easy to be styled.

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Zayn Malik Hairstyle to Renew Your Appearance

Zayn Malik is one of the greatest and popular singers. He becomes the trendsetter for teenagers. Well, many teenagers want to duplicate his styles, especially the hairstyle. It can be said that Zayn Malik hairstyle is very interesting and modern. He applies different ideas of hairstyles with different characteristics. Of course, the different styles of

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Best of Bro Flow to Renew Men’s Appearance

The brow flow is another name of the flow hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as the wings or hockey haircut. As its name, this hairstyle can be seen as a popular idea of styling hair, especially for surfers, skateboarders, baseball players, and others. Substantively, this hairstyle is a kind of hairstyle that needs rather-high-maintenance.

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Timeless Caesar Cut Ideas for All Hair Types

Applying a certain hairstyle becomes an important matter for a man who wants to renew his appearance. By applying an appropriate hairstyle, of course, the man could renew their look, especially to increase their confidence. Many hairstyles are available as an option. However, the Caesar Cut can be one of the most inspiring hairstyles to

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